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WHOO Has a Testing Super Power Bulletin Board

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WHOO Has a Testing Super Power? EVERYONE! This bulletin board features owls dressed as super heroes to help students realize they have the power to do their best on the test. Included in this kit are 12 testing superheroes, 12 speech bubbles with statements like:

I can use my power of reasoning to eliminate the wrong answers so that only the best choice is left!
I can use my time management powers to pace myself during the test!
I can smash all fear and relax. I will do a SUPER job on the test!

Title words are included as well as tips for displaying this download.

This is a large set. Each super owl is 7-8 inches tall and each speech bubble fills a regular letter sized page. If you need a smaller display check your printer settings for a way to print two sheets on one page. In this way you can customize this kit to fit the dimensions of your display area.

28 pages


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